Do you want fries with that?

Fry GirlEvery year we have a fish fry for our friends, family & neighbors.  In early June DH (dear husband) & DS (dear son) go halibut fishing off the shores of British Columbia and we fry up the halibut while its fresh.  Everything is homemade from scratch, so its a lot of work, but everyone pitches in and helps lighten the load.  Of course the results are worth every drop of energy!  The menu is usually fish & chips, homemade tartar sauce, coleslaw, brocolli salad, pea salad, fruit salad & homemade ice cream for dessert.  

I had fun scrapping this picture of my DD2 (dear daughter #2) Lauren in the kitchen slicing the potatoes for the fries.  This picture was taken in 2003 and I’m just now getting around to scrapping it.  Even if I believed in being caught up I’m so far from having all of my pictures scrapped, I just need to learn to appreciate the journey!

Almost everything on this layout is from Deb F’s sample kit–Laura’s Pocket–available at I made the arrow from the cookie cutter in PSE with the striped paper from the kit.  The background–just a simple fill.  The fonts are Abadi MT Condensed & Tangerine–internet; OttumHmkBold–Hallmark.

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