Best Ever Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream

My DH said that it wasn’t very nice to talk about fish & chips, ice cream etc without sharing at least one recipe. Since this is his favorite recipe I think he just wanted it in a safe place where he can find it if he needs to –somehow the many cookbooks in our house overwhelm him.

This ice cream is still delicious & will scoop even after its been stored inthe freezer for a week. It might even keep longer but it never lasts that long at our house! I came up with this recipe out of “necessity.” We love to make homemade ice cream in the summer, but since it is a lot of effort, we wanted the ice cream to taste good after it had been stored in the freezer. So I tinkered with various recipes for several years until I finally came up with one that is so awesome, my DH will do almost any job around the house, just to free up time so I can make it!

The sugar/splenda version is a little bit firmer than the all sugar verison. I’ve made this with straight splenda for the low-carb crowd and it tastes good, just not as sweet, so you might need to add more splenda or whatever? to make it sweet enough for your taste. It also freezes harder in storage, so the consistency is just a little different.

For 4 quarts

1 qt whipping cream

1 qt half & half or milk

3 c sugar (2 c sugar & 1 c splenda)

1/2 pint egg substitute (like egg beaters)

1 T vanilla–to taste

optional–1/2 vanilla bean–remember to split it, scrape the seeds out & mix the seeds into the whipping cream mixture.

Whip sugar, whipping cream & egg substitute together until light & fluffy. Pour into ice cream freezer, add half & half and/or milk to fill line. Churn in chipped ice & rock salt brine until motor stops–or if you’re cranking it yourself when the handle won’t turn anymore. Pull out the dasher, place plastic wrap over can, replace can lid & the very important cork. Pour out most of the brine, repack with more ice and rock salt and let cure until desired consistency, about 1–3 hours. We usually have a hard time waiting so ours is usually soft serve the first day and then the consistency of store bought after spending the night in the freezer.

In case you can’t tell I’m really getting antsy for summer–or at least spring!

Confession time: We own three electric and one hand crank ice cream freezer. And sometimes–for big parties, family reunions–that isn’t enough! We’ve taken to giving them for wedding gifts to close family friends–then we know who has one we can borrow!


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