Beauty lies within

Beauty Lies WithinLove this picture of my parents in 1980–my mom’s hair was still so red! It’s been gray the last 15 or so years so I forget how really red it used to be when she was younger. Still miss her so much. This picture was taken around the time I was finishing high school. It is kind of scary to realize that I’m older now than my mom was when the picture was taken. Where has the time gone? I still feel the same…ok maybe a little bit older, hopefully wiser. I hope someday my kids look back on pictures of me and realize that time passes, but that love and real beauty live on.

Today is my mother-in-law’s birthday. We’re not celebrating until Thursday. Hopefully I’ll have time to do a page in honor of her birthday later on today. But I was so darn excited to scrap with Weeds & Wildflowers’ latest kit by Gina–Creating Beauty. I knew the colors would go so well with this photo. Everything is from the kit–the only thing I altered a tiny bit was the newpaper clipping, I wanted it smaller–didn’t have time to load a real filter tear so I just sort of improvised. I’m already late to go visit teach my friends from church–trying to cram too much into one day as usual…


One response to “Beauty lies within

  1. This is a gorgeous layour Andrea. I love the newsprint.
    Yes it certainly is scary when you look at a photo of your parents and remember how old you considered them to be at the time and then you realise you’re older now than they were when the photo was taken.

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