Too Cute!

Too Cute pg 2Too Cute pg 1 DD#2 suffers from 3rd child syndrome. You know the symptoms–by the time the 3rd child comes along it is just so hard to get great snapshots of them alone. I, like probably many of you with at least 3 kids, have many pictures of her with her sister, her siblings and our entire family, but very few of just Lauren alone. Back in the olden days when these pictures were taken DH & I were still using an old SLR without auto-focus, without an attached flash, etc. It was hard work to get good pictures! Because of that my pictures from those days are not always the best quality. But there are so few of her by herself as a baby I feel like I really need to scrap them, just so she will know how much we adored her (we still do) even though there aren’t a million snapshots of her like there are of her older brother–only several hundred thousand of her older sister. Can any of you relate?

Credits: Everything–except fonts–are from Shabby Princess’ newest kit Bella available at the Shabby Shoppe. It is simply gorgeous– love the colors, paper, flowers & birdies. It was really hard to keep myself from using the entire kit contents in this layout. Go check it out–link at the side.

I keep forgetting to give credits for the fonts: Title–Gweet from Hallmark; Susie’s Hand & My Type of Font downloaded from the internet.


3 responses to “Too Cute!

  1. She is so cute Andrea. I love that littel curl on the side of her hair. She’ll love those layouts (when she’s old enough to care) and the kit is perfect with the photos.

  2. soooooooooooo cute 🙂 love everytihng you’ve done…but especially those photos 🙂 she’ll be happy to have this!!!!


  3. Tooo cute!!! Having 3 kids myself I can completely relate! Luckily there is quite a gap between my kids so my youngest actually has more pictures of just her than with her siblings.

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