Buttons…Some buttons for you. Sorry it took so long to get these up…sometimes family and the “real” job get in the way. I was thinking I would get these onto a layout, but just not enough time. These are 300 dpi png’s. These buttons were almost all from my great grandma. I think she kept every button she ever got her hands on–part of the “make do” philosophy–see https://andilynn.wordpress.com/2007/03/02/make-do-macaroons/. Hope you enjoy the buttons.

Download link:

expired link

PS Some of you (I won’t mention names) might not know how to separate the buttons. Open the button png file. Drag the entire button card onto your layout. Choose your eliptical/circular marquee tool (in PSE it toggles with the rectangular marquee) to select the button you want. Right click and choose layer via copy. It will be in the layer above the card with all of the buttons. Grab the button on your layout with the move tool and move it to where you want it. Turn off the “eye” on the layer that has the button card. Just the button you selected will show. You can select as many buttons off of the card as you want.


3 responses to “Buttons…

  1. Oh thanks for the buttons, and also thanks for the tip on how to seperate them. I am fairly new to digital scrapping and it took me weeks to figure this out on my own!!! I’m sure that you helped a lot of people with that tip!!!!

  2. Thanks for the buttons and the quick tutorial!

  3. Thank you for the buttons and the tutorial is a good bonus, too. I keep forgetting how to separate the pngs even though I’ve done it before! I will print that out or make a quick tip note that I can open up while I’m working since my memory is so awful.

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