Variations on a Theme

Variations on a theme…they’re everywhere in music, in writing, professional speaking, art and design.  When I studied design in college my professors were always harping on repetition and to take an object or idea and develop a theme around it.  Remembering to keep expanding upon your key elements.  I got really tired of creating projects out of just one or two items in school, but the professors were right, repetition is important, especially in scrapbooking.  Of course you always need a focal point to catch the eye.  And your triangle or Z to direct the eye where you want it to go.  Repetition doesn’t have to be boring–except it can seem that way when you’re recoloring a bunch of paper and elements! 

Lots of things happening at work–kids are still getting sick and still have to go to the hospital.  I love being a pediatric nurse, especially at the hospital I work at because almost all of the kiddos get well quickly.  And that’s the best reward of all, when you’ve helped a sick child, become a happy child again.

I design & scrapbook for “me time” because work is so “other oriented” (as it should be in a hospital) plus all the stress of the rules and regs.  Lots of rules in the health care industry  (as there should be).  I guess if even one person didn’t download the stuff I make it would still be worth it just for the creative outlet.  But I would be very excited if someone besides me uses this stuff–so please download away!


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