Happy Easter

Short post for now–it’s 12:21 am so I guess it’s Easter.  These past few days have been difficult for me–yesterday we had to put one of our dogs to sleep.  He was just getting so old and feeble, anyway I cried off and on all day yesterday.  And  I’m really missing my mom–this is the first real holiday since she’s been gone.  Since she died right before Christmas I was still too numb for it to really sink in. But Easter was always a big holiday for our family.  My mom would make Portuguese sweet bread, we’d have eggs ala goldenrod for breakfast and this yummy tropical dessert salad called Mai Tai salad–it uses mai tai cocktail mix but no rum!  I’ll try to get the recipes up in the next few days.

We’re having just a small dinner this Easter too–just my husband, son and youngest daughter.  My in-laws aren’t having a big to do–we all got together last weekend.  My oldest daughter made plans to go visit friends in Vancouver, Canada so she won’t even be here.  So we’re just having ham, au gratin potatoes, green beans and creamed pearl onions.  Coconut cream pie for dessert.

I’m working on trying to get my freebie kit ready to upload–cross your fingers for later today.  It’s almost done.


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