Tailored Flourish Pink Paper Pack Part 1–Freebie

Tailored Flourish Paper Pack 1 PreviewHappy Easter again–feeling much better now that I’ve got at least part of this kit uploaded.  The pink kit is totally complete I just need to do the previews for the 2nd paper pack and the elements and then they will be ready to upload.  This first kit is abt 42 megs zipped–so it might take a bit to download if you have dialup. I’ll try to get the rest of the pink paper & elements uploaded soon, but I’m scheduled to work double-shifts (two-8 hour shifts) the next two days & evenings so I might need to use all of my spare time to sleep!  But with the overtime I should be able to buy some new kits or goodies:-)

Here’s the link: expired sorry

Enjoy and leave some love if you like it.  Also constructive criticism is good too. Remember it’s my first kit…

18 responses to “Tailored Flourish Pink Paper Pack Part 1–Freebie

  1. These are gorgeous Andrea. Thank you so much.
    Congratulations on your first kit. It’s pretty impressive.

  2. WOW, thanks so much, for a first kit this is amazing, I can’t wait to see what else you will have!!! Great Job!

  3. Thanks for the great kit. Check my site soon to see my public thank you and link back to you.

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  6. Very nice kit. Can’t have too much pink with two girls!

  7. Very pretty. Thank you for sharing this lovely kit.

  8. Thanks so much its so soft & pretty.

  9. Thank you so much these look like they will be so fun to use

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  11. The link worked and I got them down loaded. They look really nice but I haven’t unzipped them yet. Thanks for sharing.

  12. addicted2scrappin

    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I have a baby grandaughter and this kit is going to get a batch of use! lol

    Thanks so much!

  14. I’m so glad that these are still here since I love your kit! Thank you so much!

  15. I love this color combination – so girly, yet sophisticated! Thank you so much1

  16. So lovely. Thank you.



  17. thank you so much for freebies!

  18. OK I LOVE your kits! Thank you for sharing them! 😀

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