Four Generations of Love

Four GenerationsAnother page with stuff from my new kit, Forget-Me-Not.  I just need to do the previews and I will start uploading 🙂 This kit has been a lot of fun.  The papers are just a little shabby–with a tiny bit of grunge, but mostly you’ll find bright, happy colors–suitable for all sorts of pages.  I’m excited to see what you guys will come up with!  So stay tuned…

We had a nice visit with my dad.  He’s doing great, which was a relief to see in person.  When we got home Kirby, our dog, was so happy to see us.  He’s an enthusiastic German shorthair.  He’s 2 yo but he’s still really just a full-grown puppy.  The girls were also happy when we got home–just not so enthusiastic about it-LOL.

The picture above is my grandma, mom, my sister and I, and our kids.  It’s so hard to get together with  everyone–I searched for a picture of all of us with my brothers and their kids.  I also searched for my parents,  sister, brothers, everyone’s spouse and kids–I don’t think there are any 😦  What a sad way to learn this important lesson–TAKE PICTURES OF EVERYONE–whenever there is an opportunity!  You just never know when things will change.  And even though we all got together at my mom’s funeral–the pictures just aren’t the same without my mom. 

Well lots to do–I need to get busy.  Have a great day.


One response to “Four Generations of Love

  1. So nice to view your four generation of love. This is a family momento that will record your history for future generations. Love the stripes on the bg paper with a separating border. The oval journaling mat is placed for visual ease. Fantastic lo.

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