Forget-Me-Not Paper Pack 2 — Freebie

Forget-Me-Not Paper Pack 2 PreviewHere’s Forget-Me-Not paper pack 2. Like paper pack 1 it is in two parts a & b so make sure you get both of them. To those of you that have left comments–THANKS! I sure appreciate your feedback. 🙂

Download pt a expired and pt b expired.

Edited: For those of you that are new to my blog–you might also be interested in the Tailored Flourish kit while it is still available. The page for the first Tailored Flourish Paper Pack is (I can’t seem to get a link to work–thanks for letting me know Cecile:-)) . There are two paper packs, a button card, two element packs and some brushes/stamps and yes they are all in pink, black with a touch of white!

I’m off to spend the evening with the teens in my church’s youth group–don’t know what we’re doing but I guarantee you it won’t be boring-LOL!

Have a nice evening/day–whatever it is where you are!


14 responses to “Forget-Me-Not Paper Pack 2 — Freebie


  2. You are very talented. Thank you for the freebies

  3. I fixed the link–I forgot to erase the extra http–sorry if this caused anyone else difficulties. Thanks…

  4. WOW!! More!? Thanks!!!!!!!!!

  5. I think yours is the first blog I have read “cover to cover”…that is because even though I am much older I identified with so much…;o)

    Your Grandmother lost her daughter and your Mom…I am 15 years older than my Mom when she died…we lost a DD at the age of 29…I have 2 big albums of photos of the 1st grandchild…about 1+ of the second…and a partial of the third…I have too many hobbies…LOL.

    It was fun reading…AND…Thank You for all the lovely gifties…;o)

  6. Just found your site and downloaded you forget me not kit. Thank you.

  7. Thank you so much for your kits ! As I’m new on your blog I wanted to have The Tailored Flourik Kit also but the link for paper pack one doesn’t work, even without the extra htpp. There is no link on your article. Could you tell me how to do ?

    Thanks anyway from France

  8. Thank you for the beautiful freebies. Love your blog!

  9. Adorable, Thanks a lot.

  10. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Another beautiful paper pack!!

  11. Beautiful. Thank you.

  12. I really like these papers in addition to the first set. There’s a nice contrast of bold and whimsical. Thank you!

  13. thank you, very pretty

  14. Thanks very much for your lovely kits – I haven’t done any digi yet, but I’m desperate to try it. Your stuff is so lovely – thanks for sharing!

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