New Link for Forget-Me-Not Alpha–Freebie

I am so embarrassed–I uploaded the wrong Forget-Me-Not Alphabet File. While the alpha file I uploaded looks ok at a glance–it has one fatal flaw–it is not on a completely transparent background. I try very hard to save as I go–but I guess in this case I oversaved and uploaded an earlier version. And here I thought I was being such a great multi-tasker–doing laundry, answering email & uploading all at once. So, so sorry! I hope everyone will not be too annoyed and will take the time to download the alpha with the totally transparent background I just uploaded. I fixed the link in the original post, but I will also repost the new link expired.

Thanks again for visiting my little blog. Don’t forget to share your layouts, projects etc.


3 responses to “New Link for Forget-Me-Not Alpha–Freebie

  1. THis is looking like a great kit Andrea. I’m looking forward to getting home so I can download it. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks for your generosity, no big deal to redownload a file. I am sure everybody is just so happy to get this beautiful kit. Thanks!

  3. Thank you I am sure everyone is just happy that you are willing to share your talent with us in the beautiful kits that you make!!!!

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