Forget-Me-Not Elements Part 1–Freebie

Forget-Me-Not Enameled FlourishesForget-Me-Not Buttons PreviewHere’s part 1 of the Elements for Forget-Me-Not. The pictures aren’t to scale beside each other–the flourishes are about three times as big as the buttons. Am trying to squeeze these in between work–I worked 3 am to 7:30 am this morning and am going back at 3 pm to work until 11:30 pm tonight. You can tell how exciting DH and I plan our Friday evenings! One of the evening nurses called in sick so I’m being “oh so generous” and picking up her shift. Which means that it will take me a little bit longer to get all of the elements uploaded. Remember to send me links to your creations–I would love to see what you do with all of the goodies I’ve made. Download expired link.

Have a wonderful Friday/Saturday. Cross some things off of your to-do list, have some fun, spend some quality time with your loved ones–that’s what I’ll be doing when I’m not at work!


7 responses to “Forget-Me-Not Elements Part 1–Freebie

  1. Thank you these are very pretty!!!!

  2. I’m really enjoying this forget-me-not business… Really! Thank you very much, they are way too cute!

  3. Thanks for sharing your forget me not kit…great job

  4. Thank you!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us. It’a a wonderful kit. 🙂

  6. I love your designs and always place your freebie on my freebie pages!

  7. Thanks for these lovely swirls and buttons. I don’t think you can ever have enough swirls, buttons or flowers. Well, you can’t have enough elements period!

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