Forget-Me-Not Elements Part 2–Freebie

Forget-Me-Not Elements Part 2–Freebie Here’s part 2 of the Forget-Me-Not elements. These elements are super-sized! The page is 12×16 inches. That means the lace, ribbon & ricrac are about 16″ long. I like my ribbons, lace etc, extra long so I can put it at an angle on my page. The lace isn’t quite as perfect as I wanted it, I could have spent several more hours on it. I really am that much of a perfectionist–LOL! There are a few dark pixels–but it still looks very nice against a colored background. I was hoping I could get everything to fit on one page. But no such luck, so there will be yet another element pack with the journaling circles & stickers. Link expired. I’m scheduled to work a double tomorrow so chances are I won’t get the rest of it up until Wednesday.

Have a great day or night wherever you are–I’m going to bed!

4 responses to “Forget-Me-Not Elements Part 2–Freebie

  1. Love the new elements. I’m just so into this kit!!! THANKS

  2. Thank you so much for these elemtns!

  3. thank you so much, I love the ribbons and lace!!

  4. I sure like these. Thank you!

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