A Dog & His Man

Kirby & BradMy husband has been just a little bit jealous of how much time I spend with my computer.  He keeps checking my blog to see if there are any pictures of him and his dog.  So before I uploaded the new freebies I felt the need to scrap the man and his dog or truthfully the dog and his man!

Kirby is a German Shorthaired Pointer aka GSP.  They are mostly used for bird hunting and while somewhat high-strung we think they make excellent family pets.  They are very affectionate and gentle–although they are large enough to knock over a small child in their excitement to see them. We have personally known and spent considerable time with 15 of this wonderful breed and have not met a “nipper” or bad-tempered one in the bunch.

Credits: I love the FotoKluster from Rina Kroes–FotoKlusters. Hello badges, unknown–recolored and aged (very quickly) by me; The papers are by yours truly, the hearts are from the Forget-Me-Not gingham, the blue hasn’t been released yet.  Fonts: Abadi MT Condensed & CryKitty downloaded from the internet.

One response to “A Dog & His Man

  1. Well he’s have to be happy with that Andrea. It’s not just a layout, its the Brad and Kirby portfolio. Check my blog tomorrow morning for your surprise.

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