Mother’s Day is Coming–Free Video to Celebrate the Bond of Motherhood

Will have some more of the Waiting for Summer kit up later tonight.  As soon as I put up the kit, the weather around here turned gorgeous.  I wish that would happen more often!

I was going through my stuff a few days ago and came across a CD I had gotten for my mom, last year for mother’s day this year. I bought the CD, A Mother’s Heart by Lauri Carrigan ( listen), last year right before mother’s day. I didn’t give it to her last mother’s day, because I had already gotten her too many presents and I thought I was being so smart and prepared having her mother’s day present already for the coming year.  I just didn’t know she would be gone this mother’s day…

Here’s a great little video celebrating the bond of motherhood.  It would be a beautiful gift to forward to your mom if she has email!  You could also forward it to your daughter or girlfriends–particularly sensitive guys too.  It was written by fellow NW digiscrapper Lynn.  She is a personal coach as well as an awesome scrapper & writer.  Check out her website it’s in the links under “organizing your life and your stuff.” Link to video is here.

Wasn’t really going to post before I had the more of the kit ready, but I saw Lynn’s video and just couldn’t wait to share it.

Have a great day.

2 responses to “Mother’s Day is Coming–Free Video to Celebrate the Bond of Motherhood

  1. celebrate2spirit

    Please read my comment on your freebie page…can’t say enough wonderful things about your talents and generous spirit!!!

  2. Thank you so much for being so caring and giving..I am sad for you, for the loss of your mum, and the CD that you bought for your Mum must have been a painful reminder, although I just listened to the samples and it’s beautiful, what a stunning vlear voive that girl has……my mum and dad for that matter are both housebound at this present time and most of my time is spent down there helping out, but if anything were to happen I wouldnt know how I would cope so that is a lesson, we must share all our todays with them because we never know how many tomorrows we have left…
    God Bless..
    PS.Great pic of your hubby and pal 🙂

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