Follow the Sun & Learn from the Sunflower

Sunflower takeout plantersLearn from the SunflowerI’m lucky enough to get to spend time with the young women (ages 12-18) at my church every week. About a week and a half ago, we talked about the amazing ability the sunflower has to follow the sun throughout the day.  I applied that to faith and following God.  I gave the girls the handout at the right–I made it with the daisy from Tailored Flourish/Waiting for Summer–it’s a different color though. Then we made cute little pots out of take-out containers and planted sunflower seeds in them.  The picture/layout is of my friend showing her finished pots.  I was at her house the other day and the seeds are sprouting and look so cute in their little pots.

Credits for layout: Template–J Woodbury, source unknown; Fonts–My type of font & Impervious–downloaded from the internet.  Everything else is from Forget-Me-Not from Andilynn Designs.


7 responses to “Follow the Sun & Learn from the Sunflower

  1. Designing, making and planting in the little pots are a wonderful way to help young ladies (and gentlemen) affirm and grow in their faith as their sunflowers grow. The beautiful layout will be a constant reminder to them as well.

  2. That’s a wonderful piece Andrea. And I love how you’ve presented it. That section of the daisy does look so much like a sunflower.

  3. I love the idea and I love the layout. It gets me to thinking about how my friend and I can draw from nature for inspiration for one of our scrapbook challenges.

  4. I have just been searching for meaning relating to sunflowers.
    My friend has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and we prayer for her this week. A lady had a word saying “i just see a huge sunflower over her abdomen”. I have prayed and asked the Lord what it meant and simply He said “She is turning to the SON”. I have shared you beautiful words with her! Thank You so much.

    I would love the notes from your study if this is possible!!

    Take Care

  5. clair azzopardi

    hi please to meet you just want to say thank you for coming.

  6. Ive been trying to find the perfect flower that reminded me of my mother.. and I couldnt find a better reason to love sunflowers just like her!!

  7. thank you for posting this!! i was searching for a cute sunflower quote to use with the YW this sunday to go along with our good works theme. yours was perfect!

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