Testing, testing… New “Summer is Here” Freebie

Freebie summer is hereI’m trying this new download system, where you won’t have to wait for your downloads…this is the trial run with a small little freebie.  Let me know how you like it.  Download it from the blue & white box in the left-hand column–just click on the icon under flash widget.  Please leave a comment if you download it.


32 responses to “Testing, testing… New “Summer is Here” Freebie

  1. I must be a moron, but I don’t see where to download this trial freebie?? Thanks!

  2. No, not a moron. I moved it higher up so it would be easier to find. It’s in the blue box that says “flash widget.” Just click on sih_elements… Hope that helps clarify things.

  3. Glad I decided to read “comments” because I wasn’t seeing it either. Now I know where to go. thanks,

  4. Sweet elements, I love the swirly flower. Downloading from box.net seemed faster than 4shared, but my PC didn’t recognize the file as a zip so opening it took a little longer, using winrar (not a big deal, really.)

  5. Okay, I figured it out and yes it is pretty fast but it was a small file. I don’t mind a longer wait time if it means you can download a bigger file all at once so whatever is more convenient for you. You are generous enough to share with the rest of us. We won’t complain. 🙂

  6. I love it! No going to another site, no waiting time, just click and download. I had no trouble opening the file with WinZip.

    Thanks for sharing all your beautiful work.


  7. Hi Andrea – either download method is fine with me. I’ve never had a complaint with 4share. Whatever you want!

  8. This is a great way to download freebies. It was slick as could be. Thank you for the kits. I’ll be back!

  9. Hi thanks again for another part of this beautiful kit I would have to say that I like 4 shared better for some reason this was a little extra work for me but maybe I am just not doing it right. Thanks again!!!!

  10. Hey 1st thanks for the next piece to this great kit and 2nd this was a super fast easy way to download. I love it, but I am fine with 4 share too! 🙂

  11. Would love to collect the rest of this pretty kit.. but when I clicked on the flash widget.. it just closed my internet browser down! :O

    I guess I will just have to admire the previews. LOL

    Love your work Andilynn… thanks for sharing with us!!

  12. Beautiful kit. I also can’t use the flash widget–must be all the security settings on my brower.

  13. It worked just fine! Great to know I can do that on WordPress!
    Thanks for the freebies, love them!

  14. I’m on my way to work, so tomorrow I will upload the little freebie to 4shared so those who couldn’t access it will have another way to get it.

  15. Thank you (again), I hope you saw the link to my last page (made with your kit).

  16. I love the elements! This download system is excellent. You don’t know how many times I have tried to download from 4share only to have the download stop completely and then 4share won’t give you another chance to try it again. Hopefully this new system will catch on and more designers will begin using it.

  17. Thanks so much for the freebies and I like the widget downloader!

  18. No problems with the download, I like it! And, thank you for the little freebie!

  19. Very fast. Very easy. I love it!

  20. it wont let me download it it goes to canceled any ideas

  21. Vicki (Chickivaney)

    Thanks so much! Either download method is fine with me.

  22. Susan Reynolds

    That works great! Love these elements. Thanks so much!

  23. Download was fast and easy. Thanks so much!

  24. This worked great for me! So simple and fast. I appreciate it and I look forward to using the kit.

  25. I have looked for the zip a few minutes,but finally i got it,after reading the posts.It works great
    Thanks for the lovely elements

  26. I love the quick download. Thanks for a lovely kit.

  27. I think the direct download is great. No waiting for one download to complete for those who don’t have accounts at the file sharing sites. I have 1 account but, yikes could spend all day on the computer at the others waiting for downloads to finish in order to start the next download.

  28. Wow! That was easy! Neat idea to have the downloads right from your site, no worries about forgetting to navigate back to leave a comment on your blog! Thanks for sharing, got the templates and the elements. 🙂

  29. Thanks for sharing your awesome work. Love it.

  30. thank you!! this is much easier that 4shared 😀

  31. wow, that was quick–thanks again for sharing!

  32. I love the new “toy” to download with..
    great idea!!!

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