An Easter Layout in June…and musings on transitioning to digital scrapbooking

Easter 2006 Worse yet, my Easter layout is from 2006. I have a friend who is such a good chronological traditional paper scrapper. Her goal is to be no more than six months behind in her scrapbooking. She is an awesome scrapbooker but I’m sure she just rolls her eyes at me scrapping from years ago. I might get “caught up” doing digi–I never would have with paper. I’m just too much of a perfectionist–I move everything around until I get it just so–or usually just can’t stand to look at it anymore. I would go through bottles of Undo. I just love “ctrl z.” I keep trying to tell her how fun and less of a mess it is to do digi but she has to wait…until all of her hard copy pictures are used up and until all of her paper is used up, so she won’t have wasted her money. (S—- B. you are an awesome scrapper, but I’m not writing about you!)
The thing with digital is that you just have to slowly transition over, do some hybrid projects, some greeting cards, handouts for church to use up those leftover supplies. Start including more computer elements into your traditional scrapbooking and before you know it your traditional supplies are dwindling away and your computer skills are improving–then you have the best of both worlds. It doesn’t have to be an all or nothing kind of choice. I personally, still do lots of hybrid-type projects. You just can’t make 100% digital clipboards, recipe boxes, gifts, etc.

There are lots of ways to incorporate both traditional and digital scrapbooking into your life. Like all of scrapbooking the finished product is always going to be more than the sum of its parts–there is the love factor that goes into scrapbooking. I don’t put less love into my projects know that they are mostly digital. And believe me–digital is not really easier! It’s not cheating!

Jessica Sprague is starting a new online hybrid scrap column online at Creating Keepsakes, it will start appearing in the actual magazine in January. It’s really awesome how she’s gone from a mostly digital Photoshop Friday (which btw I adore) kind of gal to incorporating more in-real-life elements into her scrapping. Check out all of the amazing stuff she’s up to at her new website:

Well I’m through rambling for tonight (this morning?) at least. Later on today I’ll post a new freebie template.

Credits: Background paper: Waiting for Summer–Andilynn Designs; Easter Elements–Andilynn Design; Everything else from Summer is Here–Andilynn Designs. Fonts: My type of font & ____________.

5 responses to “An Easter Layout in June…and musings on transitioning to digital scrapbooking

  1. Oh I knew you weren’t talking about me when you said your friend was only six months behind chronologically. 🙂 I have never been there. It’s close to impossible when you don’t start this hobby until you already have four kids and have been married for 15 years. I used to tell my kids they had to stop all activities and being cute for a month so I could get caught up on their scrapbooks. I quickly learned that wasn’t going to happen. 🙂 I took a great class, from Stacy Julian, last fall. It was based on her book “The Big Picture”. She was very adament about giving up the idea of scrapping chronologically and more on scrapping moments, people, events, places. Scrapping what ever is in your heart at the time. You know, if you don’t feel like scrapping Christmas layouts a week after Christmas, scrap what ever, or who ever, your in the mood to scrap. I have been finding many uses for my supply of scrapbook stuff. We decoupaged cute little wood boxes for Mother’s Day last month. I used up paper and stickers and buttons. It was a great feeling. Anyone have a good idea for Father’s Day?

  2. Cute layout – can’t wait to see the template. When I went digital, I literally had a room of scrapbook supplies and wooden stamps (CTMH) – I knew I didn’t want to wait to use all my traditional stuff because I literally had a “Two year supply” of it all! lol. My solution? I sold it all on EBAY – and with that I was able to purchase some fun things to help me in digital scrapbooking. Now I am working on being a little more hybrid.

    I don’t think being caught up is all it seems to be to people like me who are WAY behind! I second the notion that it is important to see the BIG PICTURE of it all. If we scrap what we feel then what we leave to future generations will surely be a larger portion of our hearts.

  3. You will also love Scrapbook Dimensions magazine if you love hybrid scrapbooking as that is all we do!!!! 🙂

  4. I absolutely agree with you Andrea. I have a scrap room full of paper stuff but I find myself drawn to digi more and more. Somehow no matter how much paper stuff I have I never have all the right elements to pull together what I want. But I like to print out my layouts and then I’ll often leave a couple of elements off and replace them with ‘real’ ones, or make an extra print of a photo and use it for a hidden journaling lift up. I love hybrid scrapping.

    And I manage my guilt about all my paper supplies by making cards and ATC with them.

  5. I can relate to your debilitating scrapbook perfectionism. I’m very interested in the hybrid style too. I was hoping that digi would help me speed up decision making. I really enjoyed this post! Thank you for the beautiful templates!

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