Sprinkler Splasher

Sprinkler SplasherThese pictures aren’t the clearest and they are rather dated, but I remember frolicking in the sprinkler in that backyard at that house–not necessarily on that day. So long ago and yet I remember the delight of the water splashing me, relieving that long ago heat. I think it’s amazing what memories from long ago we retain, snippets of this and that. When you consider all of the millions of experiences you’ve had in your lifetime, it’s pretty fantastic that we remember anything from more than a year or two ago.

I wonder what memories my kids will have, when thiry years from now they pull out the pictures and scrapbook pages from when they were young. Will they have mostly special occasion memories or will they look back in wonder at their ability to remember such simple daily things as mealtimes, family prayer or playing in the sprinkler on a hot summer day?

This is a LO I just finished using one of Chantal’s Templates from Ready to Scrap Volume 4. Everything else from Andilynn Designs, mostly Summer is Here and Waiting for Summer. Teal background paper hasn’t been released yet. Forgot to mention that I spent the bucks and bought Traci Murphy’s Drop Shadow Actions–I think they look fab. Now my LO’s won’t look like I’m a pop-dot junkie!

PS I’ll list another freebie first thing tomorrow. Wanted Chantal’s template to have a chance to shine on it’s own.


One response to “Sprinkler Splasher

  1. designerbrittney

    Great LO Andrea. Love the colors. And what fun memories and great pics!! 🙂

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