I’ve been tagged–

My friend Happy Scrap Girl tagged me, I guess she thought I might possibly have seven interesting things about me to share!

1) I love diet dr pepper, diet mountain dew & and my new fave grape propel–these are my favorite drinks to scrap to. I know rather embarrassing!

2) Sometimes I am full of contradiction ie I can hardly wait until my three college-age kiddos move out and yet I’m terrified that they will.

3) I love both pediatric nursing and digital design–they feed different parts of my soul. The need to care and help others and the need to create. I can’t imagine not doing either one.

4) If I wanted to I could be a professional genealogist. I have more than 250,000 documented people in my family tree. I keep thinking I’ll set up a website to share all of my info but I haven’t yet!

5) My hair growing up was so stick-straight, no matter how much hairspray I put on it I couldn’t get it to hold a curl. Now that I’ve got so much gray it is wavy with little springy unexpected curls.

6) My fave foods are thai food, pizza & prime rib…actually as I think about it, I pretty much like all foods, hence #7.

7) I need to lose weight and am seriously thinking about putting one of those ticker things on my blog, for a little incentive.

That’s my seven random facts now I tag: Brittney @ Britt-ish Designs, Shari @ Sharingcreations, Kayla @ The Legacy Lady  so now we’ll get to learn seven interesting things about them.

and the optional  #8) I keep getting migraine headaches, don’t know why…must be allergies, stress or my bad insomnia.  I never had a problem with insomnia until my mom got sick.  It’s been 7 1/2 months now and I keep waiting for that part of the grieving process to go away so I can get some sleep!


4 responses to “I’ve been tagged–

  1. Hey Andrea!
    Thanks for playing Tag! It’s so great to get to know a little more about you. Not sure the ticker thing has been a good incentive for me, no weight loss this week yet… 2 days till I update – Ahh! 🙂
    I’m really sorry to hear about your migranes. I know they are really bad. Have you spoken to your doc? Or even just tried taking an OTC sleep aid for a few days to get your body used to sleep again? Good luck!

  2. designerbrittney

    Thanks for the tag!! That was fun to learn little fun facts about Andrea.

  3. Sorry Andrea but I’ve tagged you too. Not sure if you got the ping.

  4. Maybe….just maybe….the migraines could be linked to all the “diet” drinks you love. Some pretty bad stuff in those things. I cut out all colas drink more water and get my caffeine from fresh brewed iced tea. (only one glass a day) No headaches in two years!

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