Scatter Some Sunshine–Freebie Challenge

Scatter Some Sunshine–pass it on 😀

Summer Sweets–The Brights: Ric-Rac Summer Sweets–The Mixers: Ric-Rac

I love this quote by Mother Theresa:

We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean,

but the ocean would be less because of that missing drop.

I was looking through all of my old layouts trying to make sure they were all uploaded to my galleries.  I came across a layout I did about a project the young women at church did where we had them plant sunflower seeds into little pots to give away and scatter the sunshine. I thought it would be fun to take that idea one step further and make some “Sunshine Cards” that could be passed on from person-to-person to follow the trail of RAKs (Random Acts of Kindness). I set up a map on the right column of my blog so we could keep track of where the Sunshine Card goes. I sure hope my location isn’t the only one–hint, hint!

The challenge is to download from the box or 4-shared and print up as many of the cards (they’re 2″x4″) as you want. Do something nice for someone–buy the person behind you in line a drink, their lunch, or their groceries and you or the cashier can give them the card. Leave someone flowers, a plant or a thinking of you card, and leave the sunshine card with it too. The RAKs can be anonymous or not. The ideas is to spread some sunshine around you.

You get your choice of the ric-racs from either the Brights or Mixers:
1) Do your RAK & leave a Sunshine Card
2) Come to my blog and place the location where you passed the card on the map
3) Email me or leave a comment in this post with a brief note of what you did and where and also which ric-rac you want
4) I will email you the zip file you chose plus two papers of your choice from the Summer Sweets–Brights and/or Mixers
5) You can do this twice and get both of the ric-racs and four papers

If you want to get the rest of the ribbons & alpha for your set(s):
1) Do everything above, but also take a picture of your Sunshine Card in Action and use it tomake a layout using the paper and at least one piece of ric-rac plus whatever elements or papers you want.
2) Post it at Scraphead or if you don’t want to post at Scraphead then post at two other online galleries.
3) Send me the links to the layouts so I can send you your goodies 😀
4) You can do this twice too!

PS If you do the layout–you’ll also get a grab bag of some of my newest stuff!

This idea isn’t all mine I’m sure many others have thought of it before.  Kudos to them–I certainly don’t want to steal their thunder, just add to the pot of kindness!

Hope you’re all surviving the heat or the cold wherever you are. It was very hot yesterday–98*F, today it’s supposed to cool down some…I sure hope so.


6 responses to “Scatter Some Sunshine–Freebie Challenge

  1. Oh I love Paying it forward! It is such a good and positive thing to do 🙂 You are a sweet person to want to add a little happiness to ‘where ever’! As my Momma used to say you get an ‘atta girl’ 🙂 which is like a verbal hug. lol

    Enjoy your weekend

  2. What a great idea Andrea!!!

  3. Sounds like a great project Andrea. Well done for organising and promoting it.

  4. TYFS – I like your site.

  5. Great idea – sunshine has been spread in Utah! Hope you have a great weekend!

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