Think on this…Just a little wordart freebie!

Just a little preview of good things to come at the new site: ScrapMatters. These are from a collaborative kit called Vibrant Autumn. The white wordart is 100 dpi (great for on screen–right click and copy or use save as…), the rust one is 300 dpi and suitable for digital/print scrapbooking. Click on the thumbnail of the rust one then right click on the larger image. Enjoy!

Leave a trail….word-art-leave-a-trail.png


9 responses to “Think on this…Just a little wordart freebie!

  1. Thanks so much! Just wanted to let you know your link doesn’t work because you have 2 extra periods.

  2. Thanks!! I simply love word art, such a cool touch on a layout!

  3. Thank you for your fabulous freebies! I will be adding it to my NEW COMPUTER GENERATED FREEBIE LIST

    (Just Moved) to:

  4. I love tripping down that road less traveled. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for the freebie!

  5. I have always loved this quote. Thanks for the gift!

  6. Thank you so much for sharing these awesome wordart.

  7. This is a lovely piece of Word Art Andrea. I don’t tend to collect freebies any more because i now have so much in my stash. But I can’t resist a great piece of word art like this. Thanks you so much.

  8. Thanks for such a lovely piece of art. I copied!!
    Will be having a Greeting Card web site up in a few weeks. Will write again.

  9. This is BEAUTIFUL! Thank you so much!

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