More High School Spirit Felt Word Art–freebie

More School Fun 1School spirit is still rampant here in my part of the world. The teenage girls at church still seem excited about school, school activities and even their classes–so to celebrate the importance of a well-rounded education here is some another high school word art freebie–some fun, felty words in white. The felt words are 300 dpi png files on a transparent background. They are shown on the purple background just for the preview. I listened to your requests and added some words just for my blog friends. If anyone makes a page with these I would love to see it and there might be a little something for you! Download part 1 here. Part 2 of this set is available on the ScrapMatters Team blog.

2 responses to “More High School Spirit Felt Word Art–freebie

  1. AWESOME. I am totally using the Marching Band word art! My brother is in Marching band this year and we’ve been going to his competitions. Love these. Thanks Dre.

  2. sharingcreations

    I didn’t even know you added these. You sly one. 🙂 Thanks for offering more words. These are great.

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