Rose’s Secret Garden–New kits, a Challenge and a Freebie!

Everything is still on sale for 30% off at ScrapMatters through midnight PST November 5th as we continue our DSD celebration.

I’m so excited to announce that I have not just one, but two new kits in the store at ScrapMatters! Well actually a two-part kit! I had so much fun making this kit, not just because I loved the colors and the inked-edge cardboard, but because it reminded me of my mom and my great-grandma. The kits are called Rose’s Secret Garden Parts 1 & 2.

ald_rsg1_600.jpgRose’s Secret Garden Part 2Rose’s Secret Garden is partly based on my recollections of my great-grandmother Rosalie. She loved flowers and always had a garden full of blooms. I always thought it was so interesting that Rosalie loved to have a garden and passed on that love of beauty to her posterity. My mother gave me the book The Secret Garden for my 8th birthday. It was a special book that we read together and together we were transported to the romance of a secret garden. Of love that could not be forgotten, that couldn’t be locked away. Both my mother and great-grandmother are gone now, but my love for them is not. Use this kit to capture those memories of loved ones, both near and far.

I really enjoy making heritage/keepsake layouts and have a Just Try It challenge in the forums at ScrapMatters. The challenge runs through midnight PST November 11th. You will receive a participation gift just for entering/posting and you also have a chance to win a $5 gift certificate to the store at ScrapMatters.

Heritage Challenge FramesPlus I made these cute little frames, that match the kits to use in the challenge. You can download the frames here. While you’re waiting for your freebie at 4shared click the Just Try It link to go check out the challenge!


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