Great Grandma Rosalie in Her Garden–New Layout with Rose’s Secret Garden + Small Freebie

Great Grandma Rosalie in Her Garden–New Layout with Rose’s Secret GardenThis is a new layout I did for Heritage Challenge #1 at ScrapMatters. This is Rosalie, one of my maternal great-grandma’s. She lived up to the quote by Francis Hodgson Burnett–Where you tend a rose, a thistle cannot grow. She was always busy, industrious and almost always positive. If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you may know her as my Portuguese-Hawaiian Great Grandma. She’s the one I made Rose’s Secret Garden for–well at least the one I added the roses for, just so I could scrap this picture. I know it’s kind of a lot of work, to make an entire kit, to scrap just one picture, but I think it is/was worth it! This is really an 8.5×11 inch layout, because that is what fits best in my genealogy notebooks. But just in case I want to bind it into a square book someday I added the tan paper and the lace strip to the left of the real layout to make it an 11″ square layout. I think it turned out great both ways.

If you made it all the way through this post, you deserve a little something…

Rose QuoteHere is the above quote that I made into a little tag–this is a 300 ppi png on a clear background, not a black background like the preview shows. If you want it, just click on the thumbnail and then right click on the enlarged tag and save as. If you’ve already bought Rose’s Secret Garden Part 1, you already have it! Email me and I’ll send you a $2.50 gift certificate to ScrapMatters as your freebie. : D

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