ScrapMatters–NEW Designers, NEW Freebies & a NEW Sale!

There is so much to write about I had a hard time figuring out where to start! We have two NEW designers starting at ScrapMatters tomorrow, plus we have two NEW members on our CT! It’s a NEW year and the store will be flooded tomorrow with NEW products and even more Freebies! So we decided to have a sale to celebrate all the fun, NEW things happening at ScrapMatters.

the NEW sale at ScrapMatters

For those of you who don’t ever visit the ScrapMatters blog–this is just a snippet of what was covered today. Every day has a new theme, new ideas and lots of days there are even new Freebies.

“Now onto our tutorial for today–

Today we’re going to talk about how to turn a png file into a brush. I was going to share all the fun things you could do with them once you made the brush, but then I realized you could almost write a book about that! So this is just a simple tutorial on how to actually make the brush. If you already know how to do this you can skip to the end. But for those of you who don’t know this little trick, read along and you’ll learn how easy it is to turn a simple png file into a versatile brush.”

For more info check out this post at the ScrapMatters’ Team Blog…there’s also a freebie and another little surprise goody that you won’t want to be without if you plan on hitting the sale! I could tell you what it is, but then you wouldn’t take the time to read the post! Yeah my kids think I work them too hard too! 😀

Things are going okay–I keep fighting migraine headaches.  BlueHost, my site host, upgraded their server and are having lots of issues, which make the ScrapMatters’ site keep going down for about 10 minutes, several times a day.  I worry that people won’t check back and that they’re gone for good.  So if you’ve experienced the site down, please let me know–I’m just curious…

I have a new kit coming out tomorrow–I will try to get the coordinating freebie posted on this blog tomorrow. No promises–I’m scheduled to work at the hospital too.

Hope you all have a great day.


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