New kit coming soon–and a little coupon code to save you CASH!

Hi all,

I have a new kit coming out that I am so excited about. Called “Sun-Kissed Porch” it will be out tomorrow or Tuesday. A big thank you to Heather, on my CT for coming up with the name. She goes by HedderLee on the boards–so if you know her give her a big toot! When it is released I will be promoting the coordinating freebie, so stay tuned. It is filled with vintage and modern elements. Citrus bright colors. Glitter and grunge. Something for everyone. Here is a little sneak preview:

Preview of Sun-Kissed Porch

I absolutely love these colors and they make feel like I’m outside in the flower garden on a beautiful day. I really had so much fun working on it, but it has taken such a long time. I started working on it last fall, but since it had ‘sunshiny’ spring colors I put it on the back-burner until about a month ago. I really want to let my blog readers get it for a fabulous price. Here is a 30% off coupon code for Sun-Kissed Porch just for you guys–this is the only time and place I will post it: This code has been removed due to unscrupulous use by one of my blog readers–sorry for all of you who used it correctly.

Thanks for stopping by–



2 responses to “New kit coming soon–and a little coupon code to save you CASH!

  1. This kit look fabulous, Andrea! I feel great pride that you considered my name suggestion! :hugs:

  2. Beautiful designs. I can’t wait to see all of it.

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