Family Days at the Hospital!

I’ve been feeling really crummy for the past several months and the doctor told me I needed to have a hysterectomy.  So I hurried and got it done last Friday, because the doctor thought it was rather urgent. I survived and am feeling well. The kids and all of my friends showered me with cards, flowers and balloons.  I was so surprised when I went onto the gallery at ScrapMatters and saw that my fantastic friends there had made me get well cards as well–if you want to check them out click here.  I came home yesterday afternoon (Sunday) a day ahead of schedule.

It was nice having surgery at the hospital where you work. I was a little apprehensive at first–I mean I know those people, did I want them to know me that well!!!  Everyone that took care of me was so compassionate and helpful, I feel so lucky to work at a hospital where you can get top-rated medical care combined with caring and compassion.

But the most special thing about the whole hospital experience, and there were several, was that my niece had her baby at the hospital the day before my surgery and we were both there recovering at the same time!  Here’s a layout I did in the hospital (I love digital) on Saturday.

Family Days at the Hospital

Isn’t the baby so cute? Life for the most part is definitely good!

2 responses to “Family Days at the Hospital!

  1. Such a cute page. So happy you are home and healing!!!!

  2. You’re now better than new!!!!

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