I’m Hosting Two Speed Scraps at ScrapMatters this Week!!!

For those of you who don’t know what a speed scrap is–everyone meets at the ScrapMatters forum thread at the designated time. They will receive an instruction at the start time and then a new instruction every ten minutes for a total of seven instructions/prompts. After the last prompt is given you have one hour to complete your LO and get it uploaded to the ScrapMatters gallery and posted to the thread.

Why would people be crazy enough to scrap under pressure like this? Because it’s so much fun!!! And there are prizes, great prizes just for participating. And a prize for the winner–this week there will be a $5 gift code to the shop for one lucky random participant at each speed scrap.

Well I couldn’t decide on a time for the speed scrap that I am hosting this week. I wanted to be able to include people in Europe who are usually asleep during the evening speed scraps. But yet I knew some people who would be mighty disappointed if we didn’t have a speed scrap in the evening (US time) this week, sooo…..I decided on Tuesday 7pm (Pacific time) and Thursday at 10 am (Pacific time).

These will be two totally different speed scraps with two totally different sets of rules.

For those of you who manage to squeeze one of these speed scraps into your busy schedule you will receive a fantastic mini kit by Ellie Lash called Wish Garden.

For those of you crazy enough to do both speed scraps you can also receive your choice of my What’s Hangin’ Tag Alpha or my What’s Hangin’ Journals & Tags.

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