August Desktop and Some Exciting News…

Emilee on my CT made this darling desktop for me to give away from some of my upcoming products!  She and the rest of my CT are definitely the greatest–I feel so fortunate to have them on my CT.

Available in both regular and wide screen, it is perfect for adding a fresh look to your desktop.  Click on the pictures to be taken to the download.  Please don’t share the links (it’s against the law), but send people to my blog to come grab it.

This is the regular desktop:

Here’s Emilee’s desktop with her great-looking family:

Below is the wide desktop:

Here’s my desktop all ready to go!  Featuring our cute kitties.

If you leave a comment here I will be picking one lucky winner randomly ( to get my grab bag for free next Friday, August 8th.  Not only are the Olympics premiering next Friday but so is the grand reopening of ScrapMatters.

I am just so excited about our new look and our fantastic MEGA COLLAB KIT!  It is jam-packed with goodness from all of our designers!  Such a steal because it’s free with just a $15.00 purchase (excluding grab bags)  And with everything on sale–you might think that it would be difficult to spend $15.00, but we have new designers and plenty of new products debuting that day!  And did I mention that some of our designers put together some awesome grab bags?!  The grab bags won’t be on sale, but they are filled to the brim with goodness at a little price–so they are already practically on sale.  When does all this goodness start to happen you may be wondering?  We thought it very fitting that a site as friendly  and fabulous as ScrapMatters re-open on the very unique date of 08.08.08! Barring no technical difficulties our new site will be debuting next Friday morning–around 10 am Pacific Time.

Well I hope you’re as excited about all this as I am now.  Please forgive my babbling, gushing etc.  and just mark your calendar now for the festivities!


5 responses to “August Desktop and Some Exciting News…

  1. Hi Andi

    I know I can’t be included in the GB drawing but I wanted to say what a beautiful desktop calendar for August. Great job Emilee. Also your kitty is sure a cutie. Anxiously waiting for 08.08.08

  2. I love these desktops, but haven’t used one yet. This gave me a great idea to make a bunch up for my mom next year as a little virtual stocking stuffer. Anyway, can’t wait for the grand re-opening and the Olympics!!

  3. thank you so much for sharing your talent

  4. Can’t wait for 08.08.08! Love the desktop…kudos to Emilee. Must have speed scrap!

  5. Thank you so much for the desktop 🙂

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