ScrapMatters is having a CT call–We’re Looking for You!

CT CAll for Scrap Matters
We are looking for talented hybrid and digital layout artists to join the Scrap Matters Creative Team!
We want you to:
-Be a team member for 6 months
-Create 4 layouts/projects each month
-Post in 4 galleries: SM, DST, and 2 of your choice
-Participate in site challenges, the team blog, and the forums
As a Creative team member, you will receive:
-complete access to the Scrap Matters Store!
Please email the following to Andrea at andilynn [at] scrapmatters [dot] com:
-A short bio
-Gallery link
-Link to your blog
-Link to our most active forum

Please specify which team you would prefer HYBRID or DIGITAL LAYOUT or EITHER ONE!
This call closes at midnight on August 24th.
We can’t wait to meet you and look forward to your reply!

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