Favorite Holiday Recipe Challenge at SM!

Super Easy Cheese Spread

Super Easy Cheese Spread

This month I am hosting the Matter of Scrap challenge system’s Matter of Taste recipe exchange.  The goal of this is to make a community cookbook.  This month’s theme is your favorite holiday recipes.  Appetizers, desserts and everything in between.  What foods make the holidays special for you and your family?  Well those are the recipes we want.

We started the recipe exchange last month with Soups and Stews and we got some yummy recipes.  Everyone that participates will not only be contributing to the coookbook, but earning points in our new challenge system.  These points can be redeemed for either a discount coupon or free merchandise.  To find more about the recipe exchange please check out this post.

Everyone who participates in the recipe, uses my products to scrap their recipe layout and comments here on my blog will receive a $5.00 gift code to my store.  Have fun.


One response to “Favorite Holiday Recipe Challenge at SM!

  1. that recipe sounds so yummy and easy. great theme this month. I meant to do the soups one all month last month and just never got to it!! ARGH.

    oh and what a sweet deal you’re giving for the GCs!!

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