Andi’s Artists Thanksgiving Freebies Blog Train Starts Here!

Wow, that a long title for a post!

I love Thanksgiving, the chance to gather with family and friends, cooking and eating, talking and playing dodge ball!  Dodge ball might not be most families idea of a relaxing thing to do after Thanksgiving dinner, but for my extended family it occurs almost every Thanksgiving.  Usually there are so many of us gathering for dinner that we expand out of my mother-in-laws house and across the street to the church for dinner.  After clearing away the dinner mess, the tables are put away and out come bags of playground balls for the dodge ball games.

My CT is the greatest! They took my latest kit, Abundantly Blessed, and made some quick and easy Thanksgiving card, place cards, quick pages and more for you.  I got so excited at the fun stuff they were creating that I decided to join in and make a garland for you to use to string along your mantel or anywhere that needs a little Thanksgiving.

I apologize for the picture, I hurt my neck on Friday and am trying to limit typing, photography and anything else that uses my arms, upper back and neck.  I’m definitely not going to be playing dodge ball this year.

My Thanksgiving Banner

My Thanksgiving Banner

This was so easy to do. I printed out all three of the banner pages on presentation paper, then ran them through my xyron using the permanent adhesive (but you could use a glue stick), then mounted that onto cardstock.  Then I ran the cardstock mounted banner pieces through my xyron using the laminate, cut out the individual rectangles and punched them with my slot hole punch and attached them together with 1/8″ ribbon.  It took all of about one hour and I built mine to last.  If you skipped the laminating it would make it even quicker.

So here’s your chance to make a banner, quick and easy like, click on the preview to go download it:


I’m so glad that I got the bulk of my Black Friday grab bag finished before I hurt my neck.  It is pretty fabulous, if I say so myself, and will be available for $3 starting on Friday the 28th!  It contains $20 worth of totally new items.

Next stop on the blog train is at Melanie’s blog for some more Thanksgiving treats for you!  Have fun…

3 responses to “Andi’s Artists Thanksgiving Freebies Blog Train Starts Here!

  1. Adorable!! I’m in love with this! Great job!

  2. Wow Andrea! I love the banner. What an excellent idea. I don’t know if I’ll have time to make one by this Thanksgiving, but I hope I do by next year! Thank you. 🙂

  3. I just love the banner….Have a Happy Thanksgiving and Thank you! 🙂

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