Past Matters Heritage Challenge at ScrapMatters

The Past Matters Challenge for this month has you scrap a family keepsake. All you have to do is scrap an object that has meaning for your family or something that has meaning for you that you want to become a family heirloom. You need to scrap why it is important to you, this can be very brief or very detailed.

Here is my layout featuring a plate that my mother painted in 1989 and a doily my great grandmother crocheted around 1930. These items are priceless to me. I think of all of the time my mother and great grandmother spent working on these items to beautify their homes and I love that these items live on just like the memories of these two special women.

Please post your Past Matters heirloom layout both in the ScrapMatters gallery and this thread. You will receive one point for completing your layout and one more point if you use something new in the shop. I will also pick my favorite layout and the creator of that layout will also receive one extra point. So it is possible to earn a total of three Matter of Scrap points for this challenge. You have until 11:59 pacific time on Dec 31, 2008 to complete your layout and have it posted to this thread. Have fun! Hope you’ll play along.

Now onto last night’s winner–the winner is Belle. Please email me or leave a private message at ScrapMatters so I can get you your $5.50 gift code.  I am so sorry I keep doing these late–I had to work extra late last night (I’m a nurse) and didn’t get home until 1 am.  I had thought I would be able to pick the winner on a break at work, but we were just swamped.  I will still pick what equals a winner daily, I am just not going to say a time.  Since I am posting this so late, I will just pick two winners tomorrow evening sometime before midnight.

I have to run, but will come back and post two items for 50% off a little bit later, I just didn’t want anyone to think that I had forgotten!


2 responses to “Past Matters Heritage Challenge at ScrapMatters

  1. I kept checking last night! I figured you were late at work, I know it is hard to do the same thing every day at a certain time – unless you are off on vacation! Hope the snow stopped there. We were up in Tahoe for a long weekend (came back today) and we got about 8-12 inches — we aren’t snow people so that is just a guess. It was too much – I just wanted to stay inside (which is what we ended up doing).

    Thanks a again for a great contest.

  2. This LO is so gorgeous Andrea! I used this doily on a LO just a few days ago, but had no idea it was a personal heirloom! How cool is that?! I love the Winter Whites kit. You might have noticed by how many LOs I’ve put in your gallery recently using it! LOL

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