As Christmas Approaches I Ask What is Important…

{family, friends, the gospel of Jesus Christ…}

So many blessings both spiritual and physical.

I’m feeling a tad over blessed with physical belongings.  To concentrate on what is important I need to ask myself if my stuff  will help me to achieve my long term goals.  I love to collect things that remind me of people, places and good times–I’m a scrapbooker after all.  But there comes a point when  there is just too much of a good thing. So I’m looking at all of the excess and realize for me the most difficult thing is paring down. One of my goals this Christmas is that for everything coming in three things must go*. Go where you may ask?  Well there are a heap of good places and ways to dispose of my “cherished” items.  I’m going to try to sell anything that has any real monetary value on Craig’s List or Ebay.  Clothing and used housewares will probably be donated to Deseret Industries or Goodwill.  Even in the digi-world I’m feeling a little overblessed–looking at the old digital kits I collected I realize that there is a lot of junk!  So I’m also going to get my external hard drive cleared off by the end of January!

*This in no way means that I don’t want Christmas presents!

{Merry Christmas}

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