Design Star Week One

Design Star

Design Star

Here you go…

First email me a letter of intent to participate in the contest–andilynn at scrapmatters dot com.   For the subject line in all communications about this week please use: Design Star Week One.  Please do this as soon as you decide to enter and before you have started your mini-kit. Also please sign up in the SM forum thread for week one.  These rules are a little bit different than Britt originally put in the forum, so please read carefully, these new rules apply to the contest.

Design Star Week 1 Color Palette

Design Star Week 1 Color Palette

Using the above color palette create a mini-kit. No you may not add any colors except small amounts of black. Yes you can use all of the colors or just two or three of them.  We really want you to use your creativity and have fun with this.

Your mini-kit must include exactly three papers and three elements. All of your papers and elements must be created at 300 dpi. The only file types accepted are. jpg and .png.

You may only use 2 (two) commercial use/designer resource products in the creation of your mini-kit.  The brushes/tubes etc that came in your original photo-editing software do not count as commercial use. You  may use more than one photo-editing/vector program to create your kit.  Anything that you purchased in addition to your original photo editing/vector software does count as commercial use.  Commercial use/designer resource products include: [but are not limited to] filters, masks, layer styles, actions, texture plates, tubes, overlays, brushes etc.  If you have any questions please email me at andilynn at scrapmatters dot com.

Any brush/element/texture that you create yourself does not count as commercial use–this is where we want to see your creativity shine through.  You may scan, photograph and extract any item which you are in physical possession of or which you are sure that you have the right to use for this project.  Usually ok–concrete, sand, wood textures etc.  Usually not ok–your toys/your kids toys, images from books & magazines etc. Please do not break any copyright laws in this competition–you will be disqualified if you do.

You must state all of the software programs you used in your terms of use.  You must also state what commercial products you used in your terms of use.

Now for the part I’ve been debating on for the past few days.  Computer viruses on 4shared seem to be a really hot topic around the digi world.  And I’m still not really sure about this.  Upload your finished product along with your terms of use to a free file sharing service–you can use 4shared, box, pando or whatever.  I have a paid 4shared account that is ad free and so I don’t have to worrry about getting viruses that way.  However ScrapMatters won’t be held liable if you upload to 4shared and get a virus.  Email me a 600×600 300 dpi preview and the link…do not post any part of your kit, I will do all posting for you.  The absolute latest that the link to your kit can be emailed to me is Monday night, March 2, 2009 at 11:59 pm [PST or GMT-8].  That means that you have a few hours more than one week to create, upload your kit and send me the link.

Also just in case you aren’t sure–ScrapMatters is spelled all one word with the M capitalized.  I tried really hard to make these rules as clear and easy to understand as possible and to think of everything.  However you may still have questions so please feel free to ask and I will be happy to answer your questions.  Please make sure that I have a valid email address to contact you.

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