ScrapMatters will be down for maintenance…

Sorry about this, but it is taking an incredibly lengthy amount of time for the new server to pull the data off of the old server.  More than  we had anticipated.  So in order to get the new server up faster, we are closing down the site for at least eight hours.


4 responses to “ScrapMatters will be down for maintenance…

  1. Oh No! What am I going to do 😛 I can’t wait for it to be back up. 🙂

  2. Rachelle aka markyzmom

    Thanks for all you are doing to improve SM. We love it! (And we are all anxiously awaiting a full recovery!)

  3. What a bummer Andrea. Technology is a blessing and a curse. Scraps of Mind was down for over three weeks last July and it nearly drove me insane so I can feel your frustration here.

    Hope all goes well and you’re back in the game soon.

  4. I just have a question? On the scrap matters blog it says it open and ready to go but when I try it, its says its still closed? Is there a new address? thanks! Can’t wait!

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