I wish I was a musical genius…

I’d settle just to not be so tone deaf.  But if I had my wish I would be able to play and sing with the best of them…

2 responses to “I wish I was a musical genius…

  1. Oh me too Andrea. A music teacher had me sing in front of the class at a new school when I was 9. When I was finished he told me I was flat and no use in the choir. I was mortified being told that in front of a new class. And I never got over it so I don’t sing.
    I have several friends who are very good musicians so in order to ‘fit in’ I decided to learn how to play the folk harp. I’m now the proud owner of a lovely looking conversation piece that sits in my lounge looking interesting and elegant but unused.
    Still there’s always scrapbooking

  2. Wow, love that! Gonna add it to my blog too. Thanks for sharing. I have a daughter majoring in vocal performance so am involved in lots of music.

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