Back and Neck Pain are a Pain in the Butt!

I promise my next post will have a freebie! I have a new kit coming out on Friday and you will not believe the fantastic LOs the teams have created with it.  Fun, fun, fun!

Many of you know that I’m a Peds/NICU nurse, besides being the owner of ScrapMatters.  I’ve been on a leave of absence from the hospital since the beginning of January because of herniated/bulging disks in my neck, upper and lower back.  I fell off of a step-stool reaching to put the light bulbs away and hit the back of my head on the counter on the way down.  And ever since then my life hasn’t been the same.  I took almost the entire month of January and most of February off from ScrapMatters and am trying to ease myself back into designing and running the site, managing the team etc.

But I have fairly constant tingling in both arms, hands and my left leg.  I can’t live life like I used to. It takes a lot longer to design, to answer emails.  I have to be careful of what I pick up and how I pick it up–no more than like 10 pounds. Today is a beautiful day and I want to go play in my garden, but I can’t and so the weeds will continue to grow…

I now have some fairly significant nerve damage and am just now starting to come to terms with the fact that this might not just be a temporary set back, but it could very well be the way my life will be lived.  I’m not telling you this so much to get sympathy, but if anyone wants to come earn some money weeding!  I’m sharing this because I thought my life was going in one direction and now it has taken a detour.  Change really is one the largest constants in this mortal life.

I have a new physical therapist who is great and she has me doing these new (at least for me) exercises called “nerve flossing” for my legs and my arms.  I had never heard of them and since I”m a nurse I thought other people might not know about them either.  I did a search on google to see what it said about nerve flossing and came across a bunch of references ranging from the medical to the everyday Joe on YouTube.  I thought this was a good easy to understand video on nerve flossing by an everyday Joe.  Nerve flossing is perhaps a little more exciting than dental flossing, not really riveting stuff, but if you have sciatica or piriformis problems it sounds like it is every bit as important as flossing your teeth.

Well if you watched it what did you think?  Had you ever heard of nerve flossing? Who does his voice remind you of?

3 responses to “Back and Neck Pain are a Pain in the Butt!

  1. Just reading this made my nerves go all tingly Andrea. It sounds like you’ve been having a dreadful time. I really hope that this therapy will mean that you don’t have to live the rest of your life with this. Even if it takes several months to come good it will be worth it if you can get a full recovery.
    So hang in there and I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that you make it back to your bouncing self.

  2. Ah Karen! You’re so sweet! Thanks for the good wishes.

  3. Thank you so much for posting this. So glad I saw it today. I have a bulging disc in my lower back and get this pain down the side and back of my left leg after sitting for awhile (especially while sitting for hours digiscrapping..hunched over the computer). I’ve been working with a physical therapist to help strengthen my back..but this is a great addition to the exercises she has me doing. I’m going to go try them right now. 🙂

    Good luck on your recovery!

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