Hybrid 4th!

Hybrid 4th!

Hi everyone–it’s Andrea here and I am so excited for today! It’s my birthday today and I’m going to celebrate by having a sale at SM and giving away all kinds of fun goodies. All of our digital personal use products are on sale, with a few exceptions, for 30% off and all of our commercial/professional use products are on sale, with a few exceptions, for 25% off. We also have a MEGA template kit available FREE with a $20 purchase in the shop.

MEGA Template Pack

MEGA Template Pack

Can you say–timesaving, fabulous scrapping! These templates will help you scrap your summer (or winter) painlessly. Mega Template Kit FREE with $20 purchase! Mega Template Kit FREE with $20 purchase! There will also be a Hybrid Grab bag free with a $10 purchase of various hybrid products. Our hybrid designers will also have hybrid grab bag or two for sale.

Hybrid greatness is coming to SM today or tomorrow and while we’ve always had such a great hybrid team at SM, they haven’t always had much to work with, their very resourcefulness has been amazing. Anyway to remedy the situation SM is going to start selling Kaiser Craft’s amazing pressboard albums. These are perfect for mini-albums, they are sturdier than chipboard, yet light weight. We also have new hybrid designers as well as a new hybrid CT just waiting to show off their skills. Since this is SM’s first time selling tangible, IRL (in real life) products it should be quite an adventure. The hybrid celebration will continue all month long during July, so keep checking the shop, forum and gallery to see what fun ideas the hybrid team is creating.

Hope you will be joining us for the big kickoff!


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