I Love Glee! Confessions of a high school musical ensemble lover…

No,  I don’t love High School Musical the movie, actually I’ve never seen it, so I guess I might.   But I do love the TV show Glee.  I’ve always loved musicals, but never in a million years thought that I would like this one,  it totally surprised me.  Funny, touching, smart, witty, wicked and just plain fun.  The music is incredible.  I love this rendition of Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”  Fabulous, it’s from episode five and starts at 40:11 if you want to watch it being performed on Hulu.  Don’t laugh that I know where!

And then there are all the funny You Tube lip syncs.  This one is pretty darn funny.

I think I have an infected root canal or something.  I can’t sleep because my left maxilla (upper jaw bone) is so swollen and sore, despite the vicodin.  In fact, the vicodin is probably why I am writing this post at all.  I should have been working, but no I had to watch Glee and write this  meaningless post, but for those of you who think all I do is work on SM, see I do have a few diversions.

Oh and my other favorite show right now is Bones, DH and DD watch it with me, we cozy up together and watch the terrific ensemble cast work their magic.  Despite the gore, DH and I find ourselves laughing at the interaction between Booth and Brennan and the rest of the cast.

Well I have a new kit, with coordinating word art, bonus alpha and a freebie coming out on Friday.  If I don’t have to spend all day at the dentist I will try to get a cute sneak peak up tomorrow (I mean today).

2 responses to “I Love Glee! Confessions of a high school musical ensemble lover…

  1. I LOVE these! Thank you for starting my day like this. Can you do this every morning for me? LOL! You have put the song in my step. Thank you! XO

  2. I read this awhile ago but hadn’t had a chance to leave a commment at the computer! I too LOVE Glee. Thanks for sharing the parody! Hope your jaw/tooth is feeling better soon. I need a tooth extracted and I am putting it off but know I need to arrange work and get it scheduled before the end of the year when insurance renews!

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